About UXO Technicians

What do UXO Technicians do?

UXO Technicians are personnel who are qualified by  Department of Labor, Service Contract Act, Directory of Occupations for contractor positions of UXO Technician I, UXO Technician II and UXO Technician III. Through a thorough understanding of explosive devices, a UXO Technician will work closely with private companies and local communities to mitigate the threat posed by UXO.

A UXO Tech I assists senior personnel (UXO Technician II and above) in:
  • The identification of all types of military munitions, including fuse types.
  • The movement and/or consolidation of UXO that has been determined safe to move.
  • The preparation of firing systems, both electric and non-electric, for demolition / demilitarization operations.
  • The operation of personnel decontamination stations
  • The proper storage of explosive materials.
  • The performance of field collection procedures to identify contaminated soil.
  • The transportation of demolition materials and/or UXO, for which the risk of movement has been determined acceptable.
  • The reconnaissance and classification of UXO.

UXO Technician Possible Career Options

After receiving both UXO Tech I & HAZWOPER Certifications through UXO Global, an individual will be qualified to work as a UXO Tech I. The benefits of UXO certification are immediate. UXO Techs will enter the workforce commanding a substantial salary and exciting employment opportunities.  A UXO Tech I works as a civilian contractor.  After roughly three years as a Tech I, the technician will be eligible for work as a UXO Tech II (per requirements maintained in DDESB TP-18) .  After roughly five years as a Tech II, a Technician will be eligible to work as a UXO Tech III. At this level of experience, three positions are available: UXO Tech III, UXO Quality Control Specialist (UXOQC), or UXO Safety Officer.  Once certified as a Tech III, an individual is free to move between these positions, and is not locked into a single career path.  After two years at this experience level, the individual will be qualified to work as a Senior UXO Supervisor (SUXOS).

What are UXO Technicians Paid?

UXO Tech I
Average Earning Potential: $52,199 – 99,504*Base pay $ 24.40 per hour**.

In addition to base pay, a UXO Tech I typically collects 4 or 8 percent hazard compensation and the tax-free Per Diem and Lodging allowance, in accordance with the JTR. Normal work weeks will often exceed 40 hours in a given week. While this means that UXO Technicians must be prepared to work long hours, the hourly rate will be paid at an overtime rate, leading to larger compensation.

*Assuming an average 43-hour work week, 45 working weeks of the year.
Base pay $29.52 per hour**.

UXO Tech II’s command a higher wage than Tech I’s. This role requires three years of experience as a UXO Technician, as well other requirements outlined in DDESB TP-18.


Average earning potential: $150,300.

Base pay $35.38 per hour**.

UXO Tech III’s command a higher wage than Tech I’s or Tech II’s, and require eight total years of experience as a UXO Technician.  At this experience level, Technicians can be qualified to operate as a UXO Safety Officer or UXO Quality Control Specialist, potentially contingent on other requirements outlined in DDESB TP-18.

**SCA Rates can vary by state. Rates stated are for CO.

Where do UXO Technicians work?

UXO Technicians work both domestically and abroad to mitigate the threat posed by UXO. UXO Technicians at Level II or higher or those who have been overseas in the military have an increased likelihood of finding positions overseas.  Canada is proving to be a growing market, as contracts are being awarded to American companies with increased frequency.  Domestic positions are available to UXO Technicians of all levels.

The EPA’s National Priorities List (NPL) Sites by State and UXOInfo.com list information on job sites by state.

UXO Job Safety

UXO field is a heavily regulated industry. It has strict safety requirements and oversight which makes mitigates the inherent dangers of the UXO industry.  Here are some UXO Policies, Guidelines, Regulations & Laws.

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