Application Process

Prospective students should begin by registering online. The application must be accompanied by an initial deposit of $1,000.00. This deposit reserves your seat in the class, and is applied towards your tuition.

After submitting the application, UXO Global will run a National Criminal History Check for a nominal fee of $25.00. Please include this in addition to the $1,000 deposit.

Applicants are highly encouraged to complete an OSHA physical examination in accordance with 29 CFR §1910.120 and 29 CFR §1910.134 prior to the start of class. The examination can be waived, but will be required by employers upon entering the workforce. A physical examination or waiver must be submitted to UXO Global prior to the start of class.

Applicants must then provide the results of a 10-panel drug screen within 30 days of the start of class.

Application Summary:

  1. Review our tuition Payment Options.
  2. Register Online.
  3. Submit completed application along with $1,000 deposit to reserve your seat, and $25.00 fee for the National Criminal History Check.
  4. Submit the results of an OSHA physical examination completed within 90 days of the start of the class or submit waiver.
  5. Submit the results of a 10-panel drug screen within 30 days of the start of class.
  6. After acceptance into the UXO Tech I Program students will be required to get their TN Explosives Handlers Permit. The cost is $115.
  7. Download, complete & return the Fire Explosives Handler form.

If you have any question please contact us at or (865) 238-4004 or check out our FAQ. You can also learn more about different Payment Options.

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