What are the topics covered during the 4 weeks of classes?

The following are the main topics covered in our UXO Course. These topics are further broken down during the four weeks.

  • Range Clearance Activities
  • Measurements and Mathematical Computations
  • Electricity
  • Physics
  • Explosives and Explosive Effects
  • Military Fuze Functioning
  • Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) and Explosive Safety Precautions
  • Surface Munitions Identification
    • Projectile & Projectile Bullets
    • Land Mines & Associated Components
    • Pyrotechnic Items
    • Rockets & Rocket Fuzes
    • Grenade & Grenade Fuzes
    • Submunitions
  • Air Ordnance Identification (dropped or launched)
    • Bombs and bomb fuzes
    • Guided missiles and missile fuzes
    • Rockets and rocket fuzes
    • Pyrotechnic items
  • Chemical Munitions Identification (Chemical Munitions and Chemical Warfare Material (CWM))
  • Pyrotechnic Munitions Identification
  • Underwater Munitions Identification
  • Detection Equipment
    • Schonstedt GA-52C
    • Schonstedt GA-72d
    • MIL-D1
    • Whites MXT
    • Down Hole Detectors
    • Geo Mapping Equipment
    • GPS Theory
  • Munitions Response Planning
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Demolition Materials
  • Firing Systems
  • Demilitarization Procedures
  • Storage, Handling and Transportation of Explosives (Military and Commercial)

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