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Jacob B

I recommend this course to anyone looking to further their life in an ever growing field with amazing instructors with countless hands on activities.

Aaron R.

Great place. Great people.


Great class. Great instructors. Amazing experience.

George S.

The best in class and hands on learning experience when it comes to technical training.

Jonathan Clemens

I feel enlightened in terms of safety.

Aaron Roth

Great course, easy to learn!

Ben Black

I feel like I’m getting on the job experience in class from the extensive knowledge and personal experiences from the instructor.

Kris Flanary

Lee Anne will make you think differently about everything we come across in life, but will tell you how to safely live with it.

Jason Siar

Phil and Mike are two of the best instructors I’ve had in my entire lifetime. Peak is an Institute I would recommend to anyone interested in UXO.

Edward Wine

This class was fun, I really liked it. Thanks Izzy = Awesome

Mary Jean Miller

I got A LOT out of this class. Thank you!

Michael Sasser

Great course, I would recommend UXO Global to anyone interested in the UXO Field.

Bill Davis

Instruction on what is needed to become Tech I without a lot of things you won’t use in the field.

David Jones

Amazing School, Amazing Staff… I salute everyone @ UXO Global.

Nathan Eric Johnson

Fantastic course with very competent instructors in a hands on environment.

Jay Frenier

You can’t find a better curriculum and set of instructors. Hands down.

Steven Murdock

This was the most enjoyable experience of all training I have ever been a part of, I have had lots training over the years, and can’t remember a better will put together course.

Noah Stebleton

This has been the most up to date and through as well as professionally run course I have attended.


I love how high tech the class was. The iPad was excellent. I learned so much in a month.

Christopher Woods

Thank you UXO Global! Everyone from the owners, admissions officer, IT support, and instructors were involved to give us the best possible course. The requirements were exceeded everyday by the staff. All of my expectations were met and I could never have asked for more.

Jerry Sandefur

Great training that I will be able to use I direct application to my current job in support of training soldiers move about IED’s.

Keokolo Paakonia

Excellent Class, Very Veteran Friendly, Staff is easy to work with.

Kyle Clark

Very Informative and well-rounded course, Phil and Mike really brought it all into perspective in the end.

James Handley

Phil is the best.

Peter Aiona

Glad I attended this class. It was informative, educational and very enjoyable. If looking into UXO this place is “The Bomb!”

Alex Reynolds

This class was the funnest course I have ever done and the most rewarding.

Richard Pitts

UXO Global provide exceptional professional training. I would not go anywhere else.

Carlos Hector Andrade

This job is a life changing experience. The staff of UXO are really about their business.

Steve Thomas

As 10 years of experience as a Gunners mate, this course was a fantastic refresher for ordnance handling and safety.

William Gresham

UXO Global has a great staff and all go above and beyond my expectations. I came from Texas to Colorado to take this course and I have no regrets.

Joseph Wedel

Very knowledgeable, and excellent staffing, couldn’t imagine learning a different way.

Manuel Repollet

This course was awesome fun and professional instructors that will definitely get someone ready to be a Tech I & II.

Jason Montoya

Great Course! Lots of information and knowledge of UXO Passed on.

Andrew Torres

Before I got to UXO Global, I didn’t know one piece of ordnance from the other, Now with their training I have the confidence and knowledge I need to be a successful Tech I.

Laura Anderson

This school is a great, and now I feel confident as a Tech I to go on the grid and do my job proficiently.

Franz Baer

A very well structured munitions course by delivered a solid munitions know- how.

Cesar J. Santiago

Good experience and I hope it’s worth.

J. Calhoun

A very professional introduction to the UXO Community.

Ben Mills

Great course. Purpose based learning and practical applications.

Bradley Ransom

I was especially impressed with the attention to safety.

Michael Olson

Though this was one of the best classes I have ever been in for any form of learning.

Wesley Murphy

They give you the baseline your need to get your foot in the door for a new career.

Nathan Lessard

I was amazed at how much I learned in one month, this is the best class I have ever taken.

Colton Thompson

If you want to learn the safe way to deal with UXO come to UXO Global

Nick Lay

Makes the school!

Michael M. Green

Great school, recommended to anyone & all wishing to enter this profession.

Coty Kaliszewski

Best instructors and faculty at any school I have ever attended. I have no doubts in my ability to work in the UXO field.

Charles Saunders

John is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had. I feel ready & able to do the job!

Matthew Wise

UXO Global is a life changing experience.

Chris Kobes

Absolutely great school.

Jonah Asbury

The instructors are very well educated in all aspects in the field, which is dire to succeeding. I recommend UXO Global to everyone looking forward to working in the UXO Community.

Darren Stevens

A month ago I never would have thought I could learn this much and be so will versed in such a short period of time.

Paul Garrett

I had a great time, even though the days were long and the book was huge, the instructors and people in the class make it all run smooth.

Dan Hughes

I walked into this course with little to no knowledge of ordnance, but with the teaching and support of this staff and organization, I feel completely confident walking onto any UXO site.

Josh Starkey

A great investment for a great future.

Daryle McGinnis

I came here and did not know anything about ordnance. I am leaving here with a wealth of information about ordnance.

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