Training Philosophy

Peak Technical Institute is in the education business with one goal:  to provide an unparalleled quality of training, exceptional level of service, competitive prices and exceptional program support to our clients. Our core values regarding training delivery are that it must be Meaningful, Effective, and Sustainable.

Core Values

Meaningful – The training provided is built upon principles that are relevant to the students, whether they are law enforcement personnel, military, or medical professionals.  Additionally, the training must be supported by courseware that is developed using proven tactics, techniques, and procedures; aligned with current case law and credible statistics.  Furthermore, the training provided must be immediately usable at the completion of the training.

Effective – Adult learners comprehend differently than younger students; therefore, our training program is based on the adult learning principles first developed by Malcolm Knowles.  All training and practical applications are conducted at a pace conducive to participant learning and understanding. Range cards and practical exercises are designed so that they reinforce training and occur in a logical, thought-provoking, and effective order.  All training is pre-planned and executed toward the attainment of the terminal performance objective. There is no, “What do we do now?” discussions among the Instructors in the classroom or in the practical application environment.

Sustainable – Often students attend courses where they receive worthwhile instruction, but lack the supporting materials in form of handouts or guides.  Frequently, the handout material is nothing more than a condensed version of a PowerPoint presentation with a few lines for notes.  This concept does not allow the students to utilize the handout as a reference in the future.  All classroom and practical application instruction will be fully supported by a comprehensive and detailed Student and Instructor Guide that can be used as a reference both during, and after the training.

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