UXO Global Staff

Michael Brantley : Lead Instructor

Michael Brantley

Lead Instructor

Mike is a retired Army Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and EOD Officer. He was an Instructor at the U.S. Army Ordnance Munitions Center and School, where he taught munitions management and was EOD Branch Chief, Directorate of Combat Developments, Redstone Arsenal. He has worked as an UXO Ordnance Technician, UXO Safety Officer and Project Manager for UXO remediation projects throughout the U.S. Mike has also worked as an Associate Professor at Western Kentucky University.. He has been teaching at UXO Global for more than three years and is a tremendous asset, respected Instructor and Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Phil Clark : Instructor

Phil Clark


Phil is a retired U.S. Army Master Explosive Ordnance Technician (EOD). While on active duty, he was an Instructor and Curriculum Developer at NAVSCOL EOD. Phil has more than 20 years of combined experience in the EOD and UXO fields. He has worked as a UXO Tech II, UXO Tech II, UXO Quality Control Officer (QC), and UXO Site Safety Officer. He has been teaching at UXO Global for more than five years and is a tremendous asset, respected Instructor and Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Blake Bancroft : Institutional Director

Blake Bancroft

Institutional Director

New York native Blake Bancroft serves as Peak Technical Institute’s Institutional Director, where he is responsible for admissions processing for all Peak programs, maintaining higher education licenses and credentials in addition to managing day to day operations at Peak global headquarters in Maryville, TN.

Bancroft, who has worked in higher education for nine years, previously worked as an admissions representative at Lincoln College (Nashville Auto-Diesel) in Nashville. While Bancroft has an extensive background in institutional operations, he maintains an enthusiastic drive for higher education, stating that he hopes to improve others’ lives through his position at Peak Technical Institute.

Steve Minton : Programs Recruiter

Steve Minton

Programs Recruiter

Steve is a retired United States Army Sergeant First Class with 22 years of service to his country, working as a military police officer, recruiter and recruiting station commander. Steve was deployed to seven combat zones during his service. During his recruiting, he earned the coveted Glenn H. Morrell Award for recruiting excellence along with two meritorious service medals. Steve earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Liberty University. He has attended Junior and Senior-level noncommissioned officer academies with the U.S. Army, and has received a commercial driver’s license endorsement from the State of Tennessee. Steve said he wants to make an impact in someone’s life so that they can obtain their short-term and long-term goals for themselves and their families!

Jenna Sams : Admissions Officer

Jenna Sams

Admissions Officer

Jenna Sams serves as Peak Technical Institute’s Admissions Officer, where she reviews all applications and handles all student paperwork, ensuring students have completed all the necessary steps to begin their new careers in technical, job-specific industries.

At Peak Technical Institute, Jenna appreciates the fact that Peak is committed to providing opportunities for education and achievement for students and staff through its many technical programs.

“I have a passion for working with students, providing them with the resources they need to succeed,” Jenna said. “I enjoy being a part of their success.”She has 10+ years’ experience in the education and customer service industries.

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